Gilles Herrada, PhD, offers life coaching for individuals, couples, and families. Gilles’s coaching is adjusted to the specific needs, goals, and capacities of each one of our clients. It is commonly done via phone or skype (also available in person).

Life coaching & mentoring
“The art of living
  a meaningful life”

Enhancing personal creativity

Gilles’s coaching methodology is designed to help people create lives that they love, lives that are meaningful, exciting, harmonious, and authentic. Importantly, Gilles helps his clients reveal a sense of purpose in their lives, and set up a plan of action consistent with this purpose. He teaches them how to be true to their deepest aspirations and ambitions and at the same time profoundly grounded in reality and responsible for the choices that they make.

Our goal is to see rapid and lasting changes in your life in any of the following areas:

  1. Bullet inner growth, self-awareness, and happiness

  2. Bullet self image, self-confidence and self-expression

  3. Bullet communication and presentation skills

  4. Bullet relationships, romantic life, and dating

  5. Bullet career and life goals, managing transitional times

  6. Bullet education, learning, and personal creativity

  7. Bullet body fitness, nutrition, and weight loss

To learn more about Gilles’s philosophy of coaching, read the Philosophy page.

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free of charge, together we will examine your needs and determine if life coaching is the right solution for you. Check also our Contact Info page.

Sexual/gender identity & spirituality

Gilles’s coaching methodology touches upon other aspects of life that are rarely explored in coaching or therapy:

  1. Bullet Sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity, coming out, from the perspective of the individuals questioning their sexuality and/or gender but also from the perspectives of their parents and family having a bad time coping with this issue.

  2. Bullet Spirituality, spiritual growth, religious conflict, and spiritual crisis

  3. Bullet Spiritual practices, from meditation to prayer

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Gilles Herrada, PhD.

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